September 13, 2013 Site Council Minutes

                                    SOLDOTNA HIGH SCHOOL

                                Minutes of SBDM Council Meeting

                                                        September 11th, 2013

                                                      Teacher’s Lounge

PRESENT:  Todd Syverson, Sharon Hale, Sarah Jones, Lynn Dusek,  Byron Weeks,

Marlene Lewis, Justin Dahlgren, Keely Abendroth, Kianna Steadman, Kay Gardner

ABSENT EXCUSED:  Kathy Gensel, Christine Carlson, Hannah Pothast

Guest: Naomi Green


  1. 1.              Meeting

Mr. Todd Syverson, called the meeting to order at 5:02pm


  1. 2.              Approve Agenda

Agenda approved as written


  1. 3.              Approve Minutes

April minutes approved as written


  1. 4.              Public Presentation – none


  1. 5.              Unfinished Business

710 and Budget Update – 710’s and 100’s Accounts are available for members

to review during the meeting or at any time during school hours.


School Safety Review –   Students mentioned the stairs were a safety concern,

tripping, catching toes while going up the staircase.


Soldotna Schools Conversation – Online Feedback – Public is invited to

visit the District website.  Public feedback is requested.


Mascot and High School Name Committee (Mrs. Gensel, Ms. Benson and

Mr. Minogue)  Draft of letter to be sent stating Site Based Committee’s

recommendation for school colors and mascots.

Motion to approve Site Council letter to be sent to the Reconfiguration

committee as amended.  Motion was passed unanimously.


New Track and Turf update – Hoping for April 2014 start!!

Thank you letter to Governor Parnell for his support in funding the installation

of new track and turf at Soldotna High School.


Early Release Dates from the District – Press release listing 6 Early

Release dates –instructional time dedicated to staff development.  3 substitutes will

monitor remaining students in the Library, room 24 and the hallways.


Student Council working with Skyview on Transitions (Dances, Meetings, etc.)

Skyview and Soldotna High School Activity Directors and Student Council

members are currently meeting together, working on combining activities and

dances between the two schools.


  1. 6.              New Business


KPBSD Strategic Plan Review – on District Website – feedback desired

            KPBSD Student Handbook Review – on District Website – feedback desired


            Soldotna High School Site Based Decision Making Council Bylaws –  

            Action Item 10/8 – Bylaws provided for review by members.  Members

            expressed an interest in previewing Skyview’s bylaws and to also   plan

a future joint site council meeting.

SoHi School Goal 2013-14 – Handout provided stating 2013-14 School

  1.             Goals.  Site Council members unanimously approved and accepted Goals

as presented.  Suggestion was made to have a volunteer table available

at conferences to promote parent volunteer opportunities.


SoHi CIP for 2013-14 – Handout provided listing school             improvements

            requested for year 2013-14.  Kudos to Scott Griebel and his team on

remodeling the Consumer Science rooms and upper gym.  Great Job!

SoHi current Enrollment update – 543 – Handout provided listing District

enrollment figures. SoHi stands at 68students over-projected, 1 1/2 teachers

were hired, a ½ time LA position is posted.


            New—College and Career Guide – Emily Cotton – shared with Skyview

            Letter of introduction provided introducing Emily and her new position

as a College and Career Guide for both High Schools.


Soldotna Police Coverage and Resources Officer Update – Due to

understaffing no Resource Officer is available until December.


August In-service plans and Startup Information – Handouts provided

with agendas for In-service days held in August.


2013 SBA/HSGQE/New State Reports – Handout provided – ASPI score

            of 4Stars plans being made to up that score to a 5.


            Attendance Focus – PFD??? Other ideas? – Handout provided showing

Discipline counts for the past 5 years.  Project Rewards is definitely

making a difference, according to the figures listed.

Email handout from Timothy Vlasak on the importance of attendance.

Mr. Syverson stated that he would like to see attendance tied to the PFD’s.


Site Council Report for 2012-13 – online – report completed by Mr.

Syverson at the end of each year, reviewed by Council members.

            Educational Partnership – BP and Exxon?  Letter from Mr. Syverson

asking businesses to partnership with Soldotna High School and students

for future employment opportunities.


Elks/Business Appreciation Day – Aug 23rd – Opening FB game

            Thank you Elks Club for your participation in honoring our local businesses.

Approximately 50 tickets were presented for free gate and hamburgers.

School Calendar Review – upcoming Events – 9/12 PTSA @ 5:30pm, 9/13 XC

@ Seward, 9/14 VB @ SoHi, 9/14 FB @ SoHi, 9/18 Early Release, 9/20 SD @

KCHS, 9/27 Bonfire 8:00pm, 9/28 Homecoming Game and Dance @ 7:30pm,

10/1-2-3 HSGQE Retakes, 10/5 SC State @ Bartlett, 10/7 Picture Retakes, 10/8

Fall Concert

7.              Upcoming Agenda/Date – Oct. 8th @ 5:00pm, Nov. 12th, No Dec meeting, Jan 14th,

Feb. 11th, No March, April 8th


  1. 8.              Discussion/Comments

Discussion with members about locker posters and student recognition.  Suggestions were

to organize a pep club with NHS/StuCo involved recognizing students for athletics and other



      9.         Adjourn – Meeting was adjourned @ 6:17







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