October 9, Site Council Minutes


Date:   10/9/12 in SOHI Teachers’ Lounge @ 5:00 pm

1.     Call Meeting to order                                 Todd Syverson – Principal

Sharon Hale- Community Rep

2.     Approve Agenda                                         Keely Abendroth – Student

Kathy Gensel – Business Rep.

3.     Approve Minutes                                        Hannah Pothast – Student

Claire Gabler – Student –

Justin Dahlgren – Student

Christine Carlson – Parent

4.     Public Presentation                                    Marlene Lewis – Parent

                                                                Sarah Jones – Teacher

Meggean Bos – Teacher

5.     Unfinished Business                                  Kay Gardner – Support Staff

Lynn Dusek – Parent

710 and Budget Update

School Safety Review

Soldotna Schools Conversation (Survey info – Oct. 9th or 10th in School Board packet)

New Track and Turf update — good first meeting, soil testing, possible Internships?!?!

KPBSD Student Handbook Review — any concerns/thoughts????

Soldotna High School Site Based Decision Making Council Bylaws — Action item

Site Council and Parent Meeting with Dr. Atwater – Parent Update???

       SoHi Equipment Wish List for 2012-13

Any additional Feedback on Feb. Parent Teacher Conference format?!?!?!

Any final Nutrition Policy feedback?!?!?!?!

6.     New Business

SoHi 2013-14 Projected Enrollment (Staffing and Budget issues)

October 19th Inservice Plan

Possible letter(s) of Support from Site Council to City, Borough and School District Turf funding?!?!?!?

Earthquake training, Fire Drill practice (monthly) and Team 4 drill update

School Calendar review — upcoming Events: 10/10 Senior Class meeting (9:44 am), 10/11 Soldotna Schools meeting, 10/11 SD @ Palmer, 10/13 State FB, 10/13 Borough Auction @ SoHi, 10/18 Earthquake Drill, 10/19 Inservice Day, 10/19 State Cheerleading, 10/23 College Fair, 10/25 CIP Walk Through, 10/26 Regions SD @ Homer, 10/26 Halloween Dance, 10/29 WR/XCS begins, 11/1 Parent Teacher Conferences, 11/2 Inservice, 11/1 Hockey Tournament, 11/1 Region VB @ Kodiak, 11/9 WR @ Nikiski and 11/10-11 SoHi Craft Fair

7.     Upcoming Agenda/Date

  Nov. 13th@ 5:00 pm, No Dec. meeting, Jan. 8th, Feb. 12th, No March, April 9th  

8.     Discussion/Comments

9.     Adjourn

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