November 13, Site Council Minutes


Minutes of SBDM Council Meeting

     November 13th, 2012

PRESENT:  Todd Syverson, Kathy Gensel, Meggean Bos, Marlene Lewis, Sarah Jones, Justin Dahlgren, Claire Gabler, Keely Abendroth, Hannah Pothast, Christine Forbes, Kay Gardner

ABSENT EXCUSED:  Sharon Hale, Lynn Dusek

  1. 1.                  Meeting

Mr. Todd Syverson, President, called the meeting to order at 5:05pm

  1. 2.                  Approve Agenda

Agenda approved as written

  1. 3.                  Approve Minutes

October minutes approved as written

  1. 4.                  Public Presentation – none
  2. 5.                  Unfinished Business

710 and Budget Update – 710’s and 100’s Accounts are available for members to review during the meeting or at anytime during school hours.

School Safety Review –   Custodians are working extra hard to keep the sidewalks

cleared of ice and snow.

Board members were concerned that all AED’s have been removed from the schools,

reason being the expense of the batteries.  Kathy Gensel will be calling Mr. Dave

Jones regarding the removal.

Soldotna Schools Conversation (Survey info – Oct 9th-10th in School Board Pkt)

Handout provided concerning survey information on the reconfiguration of schools.

Meetings are ongoing – no decisions have been made as yet.

New Track and Turf update – – Site Council Letter – copy of letter sent

to officials concerning funding for the purposed Soldotna Sports Complex.  Unfortunately no response has been received as yet.

Doug Gordon has proposed the desire to have his classes build the storage

facility/garage needed for equipment.  Davis Block has been contacted for

a price quote for the cement.

      SoHi Equipment Wish List for 2012-13 – Handout provided listing

                              equipment that will be purchased from the Equipment Fund.  Almost

everything that was requested on the wish list has been purchased.

CIP Visit – Handout provided listing projects by priority.

Soldotna Community Nutrition feedback to District Office – Handout

provided – email to Mr. Dusek showing comments from staff, parents,

community regarding the student nutrition policy.

Mr. Syverson commented that the pop machines would possibly be set on

timers during the lunch hour and unavailable to students.

Meggean Bos expressed that she would like to invite Mr. Hamburg, of

Student Nutrition, to visit with students in her nutrition classes on their

likes and dislikes of the current foods available.

  1. 6.                  New Business

SoHi 2013-14 Projected Enrollment (Staffing and Budget Issues)

Projected enrollment for 2013-14 – 475 students.  Staffing should

remain the same – no cuts are expected.

November 1st, 2nd and December 21st In-service Plan – Handout

provided outlining in-service day’s schedule.

Northwest Accreditation/AdvancED – Handout provided with timeline

            regarding accreditation.  Parent Student surveys will be available in

February 2013.   Visitation from the accreditation team is scheduled for

March 2014.

Jim Steffy Plaque – Jim Steffy Memorial Plaque will be presented during

            the drama presentation, Thursday, November 15th.  The plague will be

displayed on the front of the auditorium.

                              Kenai Tourism Management Group Internship – 1 position is available

for a junior or senior to work with the Kenai Tourism Association.

School Calendar Review – upcoming Events – 11/15-16-17 SoHi Drama@7pm,

11/15 All State Music in Anchorage, 11/15 PTSA @ 5:30pm, 11/16 WR @ Palmer, 11/26 ASVAB , 11/27 NHS Inductions, 11/30 N?S WR, 12/6 HK in Valley, 12/6 STAR Techie Training, 12/7 BB, 12/17 Christmas Concert, 12/13 BB Tournaments, Break 12/20-1/6

7.                  Upcoming Agenda/Date Upcoming meetings – No Dec. meeting, Jan. 8th, Feb 12,

                  No March, April 9th

  1. 8.                  Discussion/Comments

Members discussed the possibility of organizing a fundraiser to be held during

Parent Teacher Conferences in February.  Meggean Bos has volunteered her

students to provide daycare for parents during the evening conferences.

Morning conferences will be appointments arranged by the counselors and

teaching staff.

Mr. Syverson commented on the large amount of parents involved in PTSA.

Christine Carlson reported on the Budget Committee meeting she had attended.

Thank you Christine for your time and involvement in all that is SoHi.

Kathy Gensel reported on the SoHi Endowment Fund.  As of November a balance

  • of $7608.08 – $510 interest is available for grant monies.  Consensus was to roll amount
  • over until a balance of at least $1000 is acquired.

      9.         Adjourn

Meeting was adjourned at 5:55 pm.

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