Site Based Decision Making Council Bylaws

Soldotna High School Site Based Decision Making Council


I.                   NAME

The name of this organization shall be Soldotna High School Site Based Decision Making Council (SBDM Council).

II.                MISSION STATEMENT

Soldotna High School’s mission is to create and maintain an environment that ensures the opportunity for each member of the school community to reach a high level of individual, academic and vocational achievement as determined by local, state and national standards paired with employability skills.  We commit to a comprehensive system of support within our school and community for all students.

III.             SCHOOL GOALS

The SBDM Council, because of its strong belief in public education in Alaska, advocates continued improvement of instruction and facilities for all the students at Soldotna High School.

The SBDM Council believes this is best accomplished through communication among school staff, parents, students, and community.


The purpose of the SBDM Council shall be to assist the Soldotna High School administration and staff in the school based decision-making process and to provide planning and input for conducting and pursuing improvements in facilities and education at Soldotna High School.


  1. Composition

The SBDM Council shall be composed of twelve members:

  1. Principal
  2. Two certified staff members
  3. One classified staff members
  4. Three parents
  5. One community member
  6. Four students – one from each class
  7. Business Representative
  8. Law Enforcement Representative
  9. Qualifications.
    1. Parent and non-parent community members shall not be employees of the District in any capacity (except short term substitute) to the school of their representation.
    2. Certified and classified staff SBDM Council members must be assigned to SOHI for at least 50% of their schedule.  They must be members of KPEA or KPESA if required by the negotiated contracts.
    3. Any parent/guardian of a child enrolled in SOHI during the period of elected service is eligible for election.
    4. Any person who does not have a child enrolled in SOHI and who resides in or has a business in the SOHI attendance area is eligible for election as community member.
    5. Any SOHI student is eligible for election.
  1. Elections
    1. Members will be nominated and elected between March 15 and the end of the school year to serve the following term.
    2. Certified and classified staff SBDM Council members will be nominated and elected by their peers as described in the negotiated contracts.
    3. Parent SBDM Council members will be nominated and elected by their peers, through the Soldotna PTSA, as set forth in the current KPBSD School Based Decision Making Manual.
    4. The non-parent community SBDM Council member will be nominated and elected by the SBDM Team.
    5. The Building Principal will recruit an incoming freshman (boy/girl every other year) to fill the position of a graduating senior each year.  The Soldotna High School Site Council will have a freshman rep (boy/girl), sophomore rep (boy/girl, junior rep (boy/girl) and a senior rep (boy/girl) who will represent the overall student body.  The incoming freshman will serve a four year term as a representative of his or her class and the Site Council will always have an equal number of boy and girl student representatives on the Council.


  1. The term of office starts and ends July 1 of the appropriate year(s).
  2. Elected SBDM Council members will serve for two years.
  3. There are no term limits


  1. The SBDM Council may remove a member by a vote of two-thirds of the membership (8 votes).  A member may be removed by the membership whenever, in their judgment, the best interest of the SBDM Council will be served.
  2. In the event of a vacancy, a qualified person shall be appointed by the SBDM Council to finish out the term.


  1. The SBDM Council is authorized and shall engage in all discretionary functions permitted by the KPBSD School Based Decision Making Manual and in all appropriate measures deemed necessary to carry out such discretionary functions.  These discretionary functions include, but are not limited to:
    1. Preferred qualifications/characteristics for staff hire
    2. In-service plans
    3. School Staffing plans
    4. Curricular Initiates/Projects/New Courses
    5. Capital improvement and maintenance needs
    6. Co-curricular activities
    7. Review school district policies
    8. School budget
    9. Scheduling
    10. School year calendar
    11. Fund Advisors to the Soldotna High School Endowment Fund.  (The people/positions authorized to recommend grants from the fund)

B.  The SBDM Council shall, on an annual basis, set forth student achievement goals with yearly performance targets based on the District’s assessment policy and other indicators identified by the District.  The SBDM Council will annually evaluate its performance in reaching the targets.

  1. At the conclusion of each school year, the SBDM Council shall prepare a report of goals and objectives accomplished for that year.  Such reports shall be maintained in the SBDM Council files.
  2. Files shall be maintained at Soldotna High School in the office of the Principal.  These files will be available to all members of the SBDM Council, parents, and other constituents.

C. The KPBSD and Soldotna High School supports the concept of shared decision making as a strength in the instructional process.  The principal remains the sole administrator of the school, and will operate the school within the normal constraints of the District, including working with the school SBDM Council.


  1. The SBDM Council annually shall elect a chairperson, an assistant chairperson, and a recorder at the first regular meeting of the school year.  If the position of assistant chairperson or recorder is vacated for any reason during the year, the SBDM Council will elect a new person for that position for the remainder of the term.
    1. The duties of the chairperson are as follows:
      1. shall preside at all meetings of the SBDM Council
      2.  shall issue notice of all SBDM Council meetings
      3.  shall be responsible for the conduct of the SBDM Council in compliance to the polices, principles, rules and regulations of the SBDM Council, Kenai Peninsula Borough School District and the State of Alaska.

C.  The duties of the assistant chairperson are as follows:

  1. in the absence of the chairperson or during their incapacity to act, shall perform the duties of that office;
  2. shall perform such other duties as may, from time to time, be assigned by the chairperson.

D.  The duties of the recorder are as follows:

  1. shall keep accurate minutes of all SBDM Council meetings and send copies of minutes to the Superintendent of the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District.
  2. shall have charge of all books, records, and papers.


  1. The SBDM Council shall meet a minimum of four times during each school year.
  2. Meeting times and dates will be decided prior to the conclusion of the previous meeting in consideration of the varying work schedules of the SBDM Council members.
  3. The chairperson, the principal, or any three (3) members upon 72-hour notice to the other members may call special meetings.
  4. Robert Rules of Order shall govern the proceeding.  Decisions, unless otherwise specified, shall be made by a two-thirds vote of the membership.
  5. All meetings shall be in compliance with state open meetings statutes.
  6. A quorum shall consist of two-thirds of the members of the SBDM Council.

XI.             AGENDA SETTING

  1. Submission of agenda items:
    1. Suggested agenda items must be submitted at least 7 days prior to a scheduled meeting.
    2. The chairperson or designee will insure that submitted items are within the scope of the SBDM Council and will set the agenda.
    3. The recorder shall notify the public of the time, date, location, and tentative agenda at least five days prior to a regularly scheduled meeting.
    4. Limitation:
      1. Action shall not be taken on items not included on the official action agenda.
      2. Items may be added to the agenda by a two-thirds vote of the SBDM Council.


  1. The SBDM Team may appoint committees to assist them in carrying out their responsibilities.  Committees are to be advisory to the SBDM Council on matters such as those listed in Article VIII Section A.


The SBDM Council shall have the authority to make, amend, alter or repeal the bylaws of this organization by a two-thirds vote of all the members of the SBDM Council at any regular or special meeting of the SBDM Council, provided that notice of the intention to make, amend, alter or repeal the bylaws shall have been given thirty (30) days prior to such meeting.  The required notice of proposed changes to the bylaws shall be made in writing, and a copy furnished to the SBDM Council recorder upon the motion for change attaining the required second.  All SBDM Council members shall be furnished copies of all proposed changes to the bylaws at least 21 days prior to the date they will be on the agenda and subject for a vote.


Nothing herein shall constitute members of the SBDM Councils as partners for any purpose.  No member, officer, agent, or employee shall be liable for the acts or failure to act on the part of any SBDM Council member, officer, agent, or employee, nor shall any director, member, officer, agent or employee be liable for his/her acts or failure to act under the bylaws, or otherwise.


It shall be a policy of this SBDM Council that membership on the SBDM Council may be extended to anyone, subject to District approved qualifications, without regard to race, handicaps, age, sex, marital status, economic status, religious or political affiliation.


Self-evaluation will be ongoing.  SOHI SBDM Council will annually evaluate their goals and targets.

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