Senior Ad for Parents

Parents, if you would like to put an ad in the yearbook for your senior son or daughter keep reading. You may include in your ad memorable pictures, and write a personal message.  We encourage you to partake in this!

If you have a special layout in mind please call and arrange a personal session with one of the yearbook staff from 8:00-11:00 Monday through Friday. You can mail or drop off your payments & materials at Sohi.


Color ¼ page ad: $75

Color ½ page ad: $125

Color full page ad: $200

Early Bird Special

Come in with pictures and payment by Friday

November 16th for $10 off.

Your Options:

  1. You can layout the whole ad yourself using high quality pictures, not Xeroxed ones or low resolution. Then you need to bring your ad in on a CD or jump drive.
  2. Another option is coming in with a layout in mind, or we can help you pick one.
  3. Another option is Email Ceria Dile at with the pictures you want to use (put name of student as the subject, please)

If you have any questions call the Yearbook staff at

260-7000, extension 7058

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