Welcome to Soldotna High School

425 W. Marydale Ave.
Soldotna, AK  99669
(907) 260-7000
Fax (907) 262-4288
Counseling FAX (907) 260-7089
Principal – Tony Graham
Assistant Principal – Randy Neil
Assistant Principal – Curtis Schmidt
Head Secretary – Stephanie Bohrnsen
Office Hours -7am – 3:30pm



Alaska Health Mandate 013 was announced on Thursday, April 9 and it extends the statewide school closure of K-12 public schools through the end of the 2019-2020 school year. Despite the need to extend school building closures, student learning will continue, per each school district’s individual plan, to provide distance-delivered educational services to students.

The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District will continue educating all of our students through the Remote Learning that began March 30, 2020. Daily meal delivery for students will continue Monday through Friday.


Local resources:

Community Resource List Updated 4 10 2020

Link to teachers online classes are below. If the links do not work, try to copy and paste the address into your browser. If you have questions, please email your teachers.

Bezdecny, Steven https://classroom.google.com/u/0/h
Bilger, Veronica https://kpbsd.instructure.com/
Boettcher, Rebecca https://kpbsd.instructure.com/
Brantley, Galen https://kpbsd.instructure.com/
Brown, Angela https://kpbsd.instructure.com/
Brown, Breta https://kpbsd.instructure.com/
Burns, Stephanie https://kpbsd.instructure.com/
Carlson, James https://kpbsd.instructure.com/
Cox, Stephanie https://kpbsd.instructure.com/
DeMeter, Bristol https://kpbsd.instructure.com/
Derks-Andersen, Jennifer https://kpbsd.instructure.com/
Emery, David https://classroom.google.com/u/1/h
Erfurth, Nathanial https://kpbsd.instructure.com/
Erfurth, Sara https://kpbsd.instructure.com/
Erhardt, Isaac https://kpbsd.instructure.com/
Harrelson, Richard https://kpbsd.instructure.com/
Hewitt, Nicole https://kpbsd.instructure.com/
Holmes, David https://kpbsd.instructure.com/
Jenness, Christopher https://kpbsd.instructure.com/
Jensen, Dillon https://kpbsd.instructure.com/
Justice, David https://classroom.google.com/c/NTQ4MDg1MDUyMDNa
Knoebel, James https://classroom.google.com/c/NTQ2OTE5NDM3NjFa
Leck, Phillip https://kpbsd.instructure.com/
Lucas, Sara https://kpbsd.instructure.com; http://sohistars.weebly.com
Marks, Paul https://kpbsd.instructure.com/
McFall, Kyle https://kpbsd.instructure.com/
Merkes, Renee https://kpbsd.instructure.com/
Orth, Oliva https://classroom.google.com/c/NTQ5NjYyMDk3NTFa
Owens, Rebecca https://classroom.google.com/c/NTU2NjMwNzU1Mzda code: gcajd7o
Peterson, Kent https://admin.smartmusic.com/join; (When prompted for a class code, please enter: NT3ZF-YEDLL for band; TG3MF-EJKYE for jazz band; WP7LM-JJHUP for choir and swing choir
Pioch, Mitchell https://kpbsd.instructure.com/
Pomerleau, Eric https://kpbsd.instructure.com/
Sparks, Rob https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gTr52Ij_nd8Av23bRMCP7WgMmQ-TNgq8_FOZ90pPIWU/edit?ts=5e751a84
Swanson, Heather https://kpbsd.instructure.com/
Thomas, Lisa https://kpbsd.instructure.com/
Towne, Christopher https://kpbsd.instructure.com/
Weeks, Byron https://classroom.google.com/c/NTQ5NzExNDYwOTha (chem) https://classroom.google.com/c/NTQ5NzExNDYxNDZa (Alg Red)
Willets, Eric https://kpbsd.instructure.com/
Zibell, Darren https://kpbsd.instructure.com/
Sohi Counselors
Griffin, Margaret Soldotna High School Counselor’s Corner on SoHi’s website:
Murphy, Megan https://soldotnahighschool.blogs.kpbsd.k12.ak.us/counselors-corner/
Ruebsamen, Karen Soldotna School Counselors youtube channel with informative videos:


Soldotna High School’s mission is to create and maintain an environment that ensures the opportunity for each member of the school community to reach a high level of individual, academic and vocational achievement as determined by local, state and national standards paired with employability skills. We commit to a comprehensive system of support within our school and community for all students.

S trive for excellence within the classrooms, within our activity programs and within life.

T hink critically and analytically as we gain knowledge.

A chieve mastery of the lessons being taught

R espect all students, staff and community members.

S ucceed in all that we do and may our futures be our bright STAR.