Coach Pomerleau & Brantley PE Syllabus 15-16



 INSTRUCTOR:    Pomerleau/Brantley                OFFICE:  Weight Room                   _________________________________________________                         


  1. Class dismissal:   10  minutes prior to dismissal bell (do not leave gym)
  2. Because you will leave them and loose them
  1. Be on time for class and be dressed out ready for action 5 minutes after tardy bell.
  2. Fire or fire drill:  Exit building through gym or locker room hallway and move out to driveway near trails for attendance.
  3. Lockdown:  Class will move into Men’s or Women’s Locker Room depending upon instructor.
  4. Wait to be dismissed from class by the instructor.
  5. Wait in the gym for dismissal bell, not the Commons or near beverage machines.
  6. No electronic devices (iPods, mp3 players, cellular phones, etc.)
  7. No water bottles in class because you will leave them and loose them.

Locker Room, Lockers, Locks, and Restroom Use

  1. You are to use registered a locker in the locker room only.
  2.  PE Locker rooms will be locked during class.
  3.  Restroom use during class:  Only in an emergency.  Use before and after class.
  4. Lockers should not be shared.
  5. Combination locks will be issued.  Lost locks will cost $10. _____
  6. Keep your locker locked at all times when not in use.
  7. Keep locker and locker room clean.
    • Enter locker rooms through gym door near Women’s Locker Room.
    • All periods- Locker room doors locked during class.

  8.   Soldotna/ Prep High School is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

  • Report theft to your instructor.
  • Report theft to the assistant principal at the end of class.

PE Clothing

1.   Wear modest clothing for class:  T-shirt*/tank top with shorts/sweats/warm-ups

*Shirt must have sides sewn from armpit to bottom of shirt

This means no public display of:

a. Cleavage or Pectorals

b. Legendary or imaginary abs

c. Pelvic bowl region including posterior space between gluteals

d. Boxer shorts, bras, thongs, etc.

  1. Gym shoes (tennis, sneaker type, closed toe) NO SANDALS, slippers, Crocs, 5-finger shoes,  or bare feet!   Avoid shoes leaving black marks on gym floor
  2. Keep shoes on unless it is a part of the instruction.  See #4 below.
  3. Shoe laces must be tied.
  4. Take shoes off when using mats.
  5. Hats may not worn. You will leave them and loose them.
  6.  Students may borrow clothing to receive 100% credit (if returned).
  7. Swim clothes need to be kept in students lockers
  8.   Non-participation due to inappropriate dress (NPE) = 0% credit
  9. Students must be prepared to swim at a moment’s notice            


  • 1st NPE – Reminder and loss of performance points
  • 2nd & 3rd NPE – student loses points, makes phone call home, and sits in assigned area during class
  • 4th NPE – student loses points, makes phone call home, may receive 1 letter grade drop at end of quarter
  • 5th NPE – Possible office intervention


  1. Students are encouraged to make up all excused non-participation’s.
  1. Excused non-participations (EXNP) include:

A. Excused absence from school

B.  Illness or injury with note – student must bring a note stating:

  • Date
  • Student name
  • General reason for non-participation
  • Signature from a parent, guardian, doctor, therapist, etc.

*Any non-participation lasting more than 3 days may require a doctor’s note.

*Notes need to say what you can and can’t do not NO GYM!

  1. Any non-participation due to illness/injury not followed up with a note from a parent/guardian will be considered an unexcused non-participation (NPE) and may not be made up.
  1. Students have 1 week to make up missed excused NP classes or student forfeits points.

 Note:  Extensions will be made in extenuating circumstances.  It is your responsibility to communicate with the instructor.  We want you to succeed.

  1. Students with pre-arranged absences are encouraged to make up classes in advance.
  1. Excused absences due to school activities need not be made up if you (not your friend) inform your instructor in advance.  Any missed quizzes, assessments, and/or tests must be made up to receive proper credit.

Athletes:  If you do not participate in PE class, you may not participate in practice/game after school.


  1. Unexcused non-participations include:

A.  Unexcused absences (AB)

B.  Lack of participation due to clothing or shoes (NPE)

C.  Non-participations not followed up with a note (UNNP)

  1. Unexcused non-participations may not be made up and will result in daily performance point loss.
  2. Non-participating students must remain in designated area throughout class.  If you know you are not going to participate for whatever reason, bring other work with you.  You will not be permitted to leave the area or go to the bathroom, library.  If you want to go to another classroom, please bring a note from the teacher.

1st– 2%,              2nd– 4%,             3rd– 6%,              4th– 1 letter Grade,               5th– 2 letter grades

F.  MAKE-UP Work

  • See Make-up sheet
  • Students with excessive absences/make-ups may require additional work to receive credit

G.  Swimming

  • We will swim on day when your teacher is out of the build
  • Not dressing out or miss class will require a swim make up or you will have % loss of your final grade.

1st– 2%,        2nd– 4%,        3rd– 6%,        4th– 1 letter Grade,        5th– 2 letter grades

Letter Grade Percent
A 90 – 100
B 80 –  89
C 70 –  79
D 60 –  69
  1. GRADING – Total points
  • Includes preparation, work ethic, safety, leadership, cooperation, language.
  • Evaluations, quizzes, homework, tests, essays, worksheets                                                                          

An ‘A’ Student

  • Dresses for success daily
  • Works intently for the attainment and maintenance of personal/group goals
  • Holds him/herself responsible for following safe practices, rules, procedures, and etiquette in class.
  • Resolves conflicts in appropriate ways.
  • Helps others.
  • Keeps the importance of winning and losing in perspective.
  • Treats others with respect and uses appropriate language.
  • Follows the directives of the teacher and class leaders
  • Pays attention and follows directions.
  • Is on time for class and remains in class until dismissed.
  • Uses appropriate behavior in the locker room.


  1. Daily Performance and codes

Each day is worth 20 points; 5-20 points may be lost from one area (lack of preparation, lack of work ethic, lack of safety, or lack of leadership/cooperation, language use, etc.) or a combination of areas depending upon the situation.  See performance point codes and % credit sheet for more information.

  I. CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT – Disciplinary / Lack of Work Ethic/Safety

  • First Offense*:  Reminder
  • Second Offense*:  Removal from activity (“sits out” or “time out”)
  • Third Offense*:  Removal from activity, phone call home, and loss of points
  • Fourth Offense**:  Office Intervention


*In some situations, a verbal warning may not be given and an interaction, phone call and/or loss of daily points may result.

**Serious safety violations or major rule violations will result in Office Interventions

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