Site Council/PTSA

Upcoming meetings for Site Council 2016 – 2017




Minutes of SBDM Council Meeting

        January 10th , 2017

        SoHi Teacher’s Lounge


PRESENT:  Tony Graham, Kathy Gensel, Lynn Dusek, Michelle Blackwell, Byron Weeks,

Kiana Steadman, Alicia McLelland, Kelli Arthur, Hannah Delker, Cameron Blackwell, Kay Gardner

ABSENT:  Curtis Schmidt, Barb Belluomini, Christine Carlson


  1. Meeting

Mr. Tony Graham, called the meeting to order at 5:00pm


  1. Approve Agenda

Agenda approved as written.


  1. Approve Minutes

November minutes approved as written.


  1. Public Presentation – none


  1. Unfinished Business

710 and Budget Update – 710’s and 100’s Accounts are available for members

to review during the meeting or at any time during school hours.


Ice and the Walkway Between Schools – Ongoing issues with ice on the

pathway between SoPrep and SoHi.  Mr. Graham explained that there is a

bus that travels between the two schools but some students wish to get to

school faster and choose to walk.  SoPrep had purchased a spreader and

SoHi purchases the sand – however the spreader is broken at this time.

A meeting has been scheduled to discuss the problems further.


By Laws Review – 2016-17 – Discussion and review tabled until next meeting,

February 14th, 2017.


Food Drive – Mr. Graham stated that the Food Drive was huge and amazing.

75 Food Baskets were donated, 25 baskets were given to SoHi families, 30

baskets taken to Love, Inc. (They were in dire need of donations).  The rest

was taken to the Food Bank for distribution.


Kathy Gensel stated that the Breast Cancer coin drive jars collected $250 in



  1. New Business

     Staff Recognition  

Nelma Treider was awarded the Distinguished Service to Student’s Chamber of

Commerce Award for her many years of helping students with scholarships and

future plans.

Galen Brantley was awarded the Golden Apple Award for his many years of teaching

and coaching Football.

James Harris was awarded The Alaska Teacher of the Year at a much celebrated

surprise assembly.

Mr. Graham expressed his enthusiasm and appreciation of the talent of staff and

students at Soldotna High School.


Student Council Podcast – Nathan Erfurth is working with the Student Council in

producing weekly podcasts announcing events and other pertinent school information.


Mr. Curtis Schmidt, SoPrep Principal, had emailed that Soldotna Prep had it’s lowest

number of students with 2 or more F’s in it’s existence at the end of the 1st semester (17).

That is a reduction from last year at this time by 24 students.


                    School News

                   Monday, January 16th – MLK Day

                    Friday, January 20th – Winter Formal Dance (7:30-10:30pm)

                    Tuesday, January 24th – Dessert Concert 6pm

                    Wednesday, February 8th – Early Release

                    Thursday, February 9th – Parent Teacher Conferences – No School for Students

                     Friday, February 10th – Inservice – No School for Students



  1. Upcoming Agenda/Date – February 14th, 2017 – 5:00pm


  1. Discussion/Comments


  1. Adjourn – Meeting was adjourned at 5:20pm

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