Project Rewards

Project Rewards

Project Reward is an exemption policy that rewards students for academic achievement, good citizenship and good attendance by allowing students to be exempt from their semester/final tests if they meet the established criteria.  Requirements for exemption from semester/final examination in each class are as follows:


  1. A student may not have more than 5 days of excused absences per semester per class, 6 is too many. If a student has more than 10 excused absences in any one class, they are ineligible for Project Rewards for all classes.
  2. A student may not be tardy more than 4 times per semester, 5 is too many.
  3. A student may not have any unexcused absences for the semester.  A student who has an interaction from a class or the office which results in disciplinary consequences will not be exempt from his/her semester/final exams.
  4. A student must have all fees paid and library books turned in.
  5. A student must maintain a “B” or better within each quarter of the semester to receive an exemption.
  6. All exemptions must have the instructor’s signature as well as parental approval.
  7. A student with a “B” or better in a particular class who meets all the exemption criteria will have the option of taking the semester/final test without the danger of that test lowering the student’s grade – it can only raise the student’s grade.  The object of this school policy is to encourage students to take major tests in hopes that the experience will help better prepare them for college and/or other testing they may encounter.
  8. A PARENT, and the STUDENT, must sign the exemption document before the student is allowed to be exempt from his/her semester/final exam.  THE EXEMPTION SLIPS MUST BE RETURNED TO THE INSTRUCTOR/S TO EARN THE EXEMPTION.  PHONE CALLS AND FORGERIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
  9. AP classes and Spanish III are not exempt and students will take the test.


Project Reward is an incentive for students to improve attendance, tardiness, and their grades.  By having students in school on a more regular basis and by rewarding improved academic achievement, we hope to develop a more disciplined student; one who is willing to meet goals and strive toward achieving excellence in education.

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